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Closure: Friday, 10th August

We will be closed on Friday, 10th August 2018. 

Due to ever increasing numbers of orders, we need to install a new packing line. For the safety of staff in the warehouse, we have decided to close for 1 day while it is installed. 

Orders placed up until 2pm on Thursday, 9th August will be despatched as normal. 

Orders placed after that time will be despatched on Monday, 13th August.


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Candle Making Guide: Scoopable Wax

Scoopable wax is similar to a wax tart/melt however instead of being stand-alone the wax is poured directly into a container such as a jar or tin. The end user is then able to scoop out the required amount of scented wax and place directly into their wax melt burners. Scoopable wax is becoming more common for candle makers as the usual process of removing tarts from the mould, and packaging them, is no longer required! Scoopable wax also allows the end user to decide how much wax they’d like to use and is ideal for irregular shaped burners. Due to the wax needing to be scooped out by the consumer, a much softer wax combination is required. This wax combination is 100% natural too! This recipe will make enough mixture to fill one of our large aluminium tins and have some mixture left over. What you’ll need:1 x Double Pan Set (to melt your wax) 1 x Thermometer 20ml Escentscia/Escentscia US Style Fragrance Oil 50g Golden Wax 494 (5715-94-02) 150g White Rapeseed Wax 2g Inpex SD Dye (Optional)…

Product Highlight: Bipol-X

Introduction: Bipol-X is one of our most popular wax additives. It is common misconception for new candle makers that Bipol-X improves existing scent within a candle however this is untrue. Bipol-X allows you to add more fragrance.When used correctly, Bipol-X allows you to triple scent your candles – meaning you can add up to 30% fragrance oil!

Bipol-X works by modifying the crystal structure of wax to prevent the leaching of fragrance oils from the wax. The additive will absorb the fragrance keeping the finished candle dry and eliminating sweating.

Typically, most candle waxes can hold a 10% fragrance load. If you were to use more than this percentage the fragrance oil will begin to ‘sweat’ out of the candle.

Format: Beads
Melting temperature: Bipol-X must be heated to a temperature of around 80C to melt.
Pouring temperature: Dependent upon the wax you are using Bipol-X with.

Using the Bipol-x:

When using the Bipol-X, you do not need to account for the first 10% of fragra…