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BioGlitter: Inspiration

Bioglitter® is a fantastically versatile product which can be used in a wide range of applications! Within this blog post, we will explore some of the most common ways in which Bioglitter® can be used within candle making! Do you use Bioglitter® in another unique way? Let us know! 
Bioglitter®, sometimes referred to as ecoglitter, is the newest product available on our website and is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic based glitter. Bioglitter® has been developed to tackle the part of micro-plastic pollution created by glitter and is sustainably based on biodegradable film made from plant derived renewable materials (primarily eucalyptus) and is sourced from responsibly managed plantations.

Our Bioglitter® is cosmetic grade, naturally bio-degradable, suitable for vegans, has never been tested on animals, and is allergen free. Bioglitter® is physically 30-40% softer than traditional polyester glitter. We are an officially accredited Bioglitter® licensee, and our Biogli…