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Escentscia Prime vs Escentscia Style Fragrance Oil Ranges

All our fragrance oils are formulated in the EU by Escentscia and are all suitable for vegans, not tested on animals, and are paraben and sulphate free. But do you know the difference between our Escentscia Prime and Escentscia Style Range of fragrance oils?

The first difference between our two ranges is that our Escentscia Prime range tends to be singular fragrances (such as Chocolate and a separate Orange.) Our Escentscia Style range however tends to be blends of fragrances (such as a combined Chocolate Orange).

Whilst any of our fragrances can be blended together, we have formulated the Escentscia Prime Range as singular fragrances to allow you to blend and create your own unique and bespoke fragrances! In a growing market, this is a great way for you to stand out from your competitors. Whilst blending fragrances may not always be a 50/50 ratio, we do offer free CLP information for all blends created exclusively with our fragrances.

The second difference between our two ranges is…