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Pillar Moulds: How much wax should I use?

We currently stock a total of nine different pillar mould sizes and are frequently asked how much wax you should use for each size. Below, you will find a guide of how much wax to use for each of our pillar moulds. Whilst this is only a guide, as the amount of wax used depends on how high the mould is filled, the below measurements are a great reference point for calculating how much dye, fragrance oil, and wax to use for your candles. 
If you are interested in making pillar candles for the first time, you can purchase our Chandler Grey Pillar Kit here or you can also read our in-depth guide on how to make pillar candles. 50mm Diameter Moulds:50 x 100: 160g50 x 150: 240g50 x 200: 310g 62mm Diameter Moulds: 62 x 100: 270g 62 x 150: 400g 62 x 200: 550g 75mm Diameter Moulds:75 x 100: 400g 75 x 150: 560g 75 x 200: 800g If you have a candle making topic which you'd like to see a guide for, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help! Alternatively, why not view all of o…

Easter Opening Times: 2019

We will be closing tomorrow (18th April) at 4pm for the Easter bank holiday break. All orders placed before 2pm tomorrow will be despatched. Any orders which are placed once we are closed will not be despatched until we re-open on Tuesday, 23rd April. We wish all of our customers a lovely bank holiday weekend! 🐰

New Wax Melt Safety Labels!

We have now added two labels to our Safety Stickers Range designed specifically for wax melts and tarts! 
Alongside general warning information, these labels also contain burning instructions and are suitable for both melts which are melted using a tealight burner or an electric burner. One important factor which we considered when developing these labels is that many wax melt safety labels which are available on the market advertise using an oil burner to melt their wax melts. Oil burners are designed very differently to wax melt burners and, alongside the possibility of overheating the wax, many of our customers have also advised that using an oil burner to melt their wax melts could invalidate their liability insurance. Because of this, we have designed these labels to comply with industry-leading recommendations and advice. 
The large labels have a diameter of 50mm and the small labels have a diameter of 32mm meaning that no matter whether you’re making deli pots, clamshells, min…