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4Candles: Christmas Opening Times

We will be closing on Thursday, 19th December 2019 for the Christmas break. All orders placed before 12pm on the 19th December will be dispatched. Any orders which are placed after this time will be dispatched when we re-open on Thursday, 2nd January 2020. 
We would like to thank all of our customers for their loyal and continued custom and hope that you and your families all have a wonderful, fun-filled Christmas break!
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We are offering a fabulous 15% off all our fragrances this Black Friday! Add any fragrance to your basket and the discount will automatically be applied. 
In addition to this, we are offering free shipping on all UK & EU orders with the promotional code "freeBFshipping" regardless of your order value!
This offer is available across our website and on all our fragrance sizes including the 20ml, 75ml, and 150ml and 600ml bottles! 
Both of these offers are valid until midnight tonight.

New Fragrance Oils!

Three new fragrances have now been added to our Escentscia Style range! All of these fragrances are wonderfully unique and we are offering 50% OFF the 75ml until the 11th November 2019. The top, middle, and base notes for each fragrance can be found below: 
Black Plum & Rhubarb Freshly picked plums entwines with wild tangy rhubarb to create a fragrance which is understated, elegant and quintessentially British. These notes are accentuated by a fruity accord of peach, blackberry, and added sunshine.  Dragon's Blood Dragon’s Blood is an oriental and earthy fragrance which incorporates top notes of orange blossom with middle notes of clove, patchouli and cedarwood. This comes to rest on a bed of Indian Incense, star anise and musk to create a fragrance which is complex, sophisticated, and has legendary depth.  Raspberry Tarte Top notes of succulent raspberries dance with a core of luxuriously thick cream, voluptuous vanilla and raspberry glaze which is encased in a base of butte…

New: Eco-Friendly Packaging

At 4Candles, we take our commitment to the environment and corporate social responsibility seriously. We are continuously looking for ways to maintain the high-quality standards that our customers expect whilst minimising the impact we make on the environment.

Over the last two months, we have been extensively trialling an eco-friendlier packaging solution – as many of our customers will know upon receiving their orders.

Previously, we used branded plastic air bags to secure items within your order however we have now moved to a paper solution. Whilst the previous plastic solution was recyclable, the paper alternative has many eco-friendly advantages. The paper packaging is made from recycled material, supports renewable forestry, and is more widely recyclable. In addition to this, the paper packaging can be re-used when fulfilling your own orders and is fully compostable!

We have received great customer feedback since implementing this change and have sent several thousand parcels…

Freakishly-Fun Halloween Candles

Whether you’re looking to entertain the kids over half term, or looking to brighten up your candle stall, these Halloween votive candles are a chandler’s equivalent of carving a pumpkin! We enlisted the help of some children to create our ghoulish designs!
Step 1 – Make Votive Candles: To begin, you will first need to choose your fragrance and colour combination! We chose the following colours and fragrances: Inpex Candle Whitener with US Style Liquorice FragranceOrange Inpex Deep Dye with US Style Pumpkin Souffle FragranceFluorescent Green (used at a lower percentage to create a ‘slime’ colour) with US Style Strudel & Spice FragranceFluorescent Green (used at a higher percentage to create a ‘Frankenstein’ colour) with 50/50 US Style Crème Brulee and US Apple fragrances to create a toffee apple scent! Once you have chosen your combinations, you will need to create the votive candles themselves using the votive wick pins, votive moulds, and Chandler Grey Blended wax.  An in-depth guide…

Escentscia: Range Rebrand

Escentscia have rebranded their ranges and tweaked the formulas. Ahead of changes to fragrance legislation, such as the reclassification of lilial, Escentscia have begun to implement changes ahead of time . These changes are very small and the scent of the fragrances and how they perform in your candles/melts has not changed in any way. Testing is not required.

Escentscia Original fragrance oil range has now been rebranded to Prime Range. Prime Range fragrances are designed to be used as a strong single scent. They can be used on their own or together for your own unique blend. 
Escentscia have also rebranded the Escentscia US Style fragrance oil range to Style Range. Style, by definition, is an elegant, fashionable, or luxurious mode of living. We believe this perfectly embodies the style fragrances which are styled blends designed by expert perfumers. 
All our fragrance oils are suitable for vegans, not tested on animals, and are paraben, petroleum and sulphate free. 
Whilst any of the…

TCR Candle Wick: Now Available!

We have now introduced the TCR Candle Wick series to our website. This is a wick which we have been asked to stock and we now offer a whole range of sizes. As with all of our wicks, the TCR can be coated in natural wax.
The TCR candle wick is an unbleached, self-trimming candle wick suitable for natural waxes including soy and rapeseed. The wick is made from cotton entwined with a thread of paper.  The core of this wick has a supportive external jacket which is designed to eliminate sooting and minimise mushrooming. The smallest sizes are also suitable for natural tealights. 
The TCR Wick is available to purchase in many formats including in sample amounts, raw and pre-waxed. We offer a fully bespoke waxed wick service where customers can choose the height of the wick, the type of wax it is coated in, and the sustainer they would like this placing on. Below, you will find a wax pool guide for the TCR candle wick series:
Wax Pool Guide – Soy Wax TCR 18/8 UP TO 35MM TCR 18/10 UP TO 40MM TC…