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September 2021: Candle Fragrance & Colour Trends

A new month is upon us and as we approach the end of Summer, it is an ideal time to begin moving towards light floral and warm woody scents. Colours As the weather begins to cool, darker colours such as plum purple and midnight blue enter their prime. However, it is not too late to enjoy lighter colours and Rust Red, Heather, and Beeswax are ideal for those intermittent warm September spells. You can purchase a wide range of Inpex candle dyes here .  Fragrances Prime Range - Available Here 4Belle Capturing the happiness and luminosity of magnolia essence, 4 Belle is a perfume fragrance and has a delicate accord of pear and blackberry feed into a heart of orange blossom, iris, and jasmine and rest upon a base of rich patchouli undertones. Life is beautiful! Leather Those brand-new shoes, that soft sumptuous bag. Our leather fragrance oil recreates these moments with top notes of leather, middle notes of spicy saffron and musk and animalic base notes of amber and cedarwood to fill your s
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Bank Holiday Notice (Mon, 30th August 2021)

This is a friendly notice that we are closed on Monday (30/08/21) for the bank holiday. All orders which are placed over the coming weekend or on Monday will not be processed until we re-open on Tuesday, 31st August. There is still time to place an order and receive it before the weekend. Enjoy the long weekend!

August 2021: Candle Fragrance & Colour Trends

  A new month is upon us and as we roll over into the height of the Summer, it is the perfect time to make the most of fruity and fresh scents.   Colours Traditional sunshine colours such as Green, Blue, White, and Pink are all ideal as we continue to enjoy the Summer, but the shades begin to darken slightly as the summer progresses.  You can purchase a wide range of Inpex candle dyes here .  Fragrances Fragrance trends in August are fresh and natural scents to combat the Summer heat and make you feel cool and refreshed. Here are the top trends for this month:  Prime Range - Available Here 4Fresh Packed with non-stop blue fragrance, this fresh high-street style fragrance 4 Fresh is filled with aquatic character, green notes, and a splash of marine undertones. Similar to the popular scent booster, this fragrance is truly unstoppable! Passion Fruit Sit back and enjoy the tropical scents of Passion Fruit. Beginning with top notes of tropical fruits and middle notes of papaya and guava, th

Give Something Away Day

  Today is Give Something Away Day! To celebrate, we are giving a free 60ml bottle of our lovely new summer fragrance Wonderful Peony with every purchase of a Box of one of the Golden Waxes. Just purchase a 22.680kg box of 444, 464, or 494. Purchase two or more boxes and we will also giveaway one of our travel mugs. The giveaways will automatically be dispatched with your orders. This is for today only (15/07/21) and a maximum of one 60ml bottle, and one travel mug per customer. We already have the best Golden Wax prices, with free shipping available, plus a 2.5% discount for orders over £200 (subtotal). So do not miss this extra giveaway. Giving is a simplest act which can really brighten up someone’s day - little gestures can have a big impact. The reward from giving can be felt by both the giver and the receiver so why not give something away to your friends, customers, or local community to celebrate too? From a compliment to a free sample, no good deed goes unappreciated.

World Chocolate Day!

It is #WorldChocolateDay! We all know that chocolate is not for sharing, but everyone can enjoy the delicious scent of chocolate candles. Below is a list of our chocolate fragrance oils for candle making. If you are wanting to colour your candles, DM Purple and Cocoa Brown candle dyes available here are the perfect chocolatey match. Prime Range - Available Here Chocolate Our Chocolate fragrance oil is a chocoholics delight! Starting with creamy caramel top notes, this fragrance has luxurious middle notes of smooth milk chocolate and is set on a bed of rich cocoa powder. Chocolate Mousse Light and creamy, Prime Range Chocolate Mousse provides all the deliciousness of the classic chocolate dessert with none of the calories! Top notes of powdered chocolate lead into heavenly notes of cream and cocoa. Praline Mouth-wateringly delectable, Praline is a sure favourite for anyone with a sweet tooth. Blending top notes of fudge and cocoa powder, this fragrance leads into a wholesome heart of p

July 2021: Candle Fragrance & Colour Trends

  A new month is upon us and as we continue to enjoy the sun, we can energize and rejuvenate with refreshing summer scents and bold colour choices. Colours Bold neon colours such as the Inpex Fluorescent dyes are perfect to brighten up your mood and your candle ranges. Lavender is also an ideal candle colour during July to coincide with the bloom of the Lavender flower and is perfect for relaxing.   You can purchase a wide range of Inpex candle dyes here .  Fragrances July fragrances are refreshing, cool, and full of zing. Citrus and fruity fragrances play a leading role while floral and herbaceous fragrances provide tranquillity. Here are the top trends for this month:  Prime Range -  Available Here 4Stella 4Stella has bold citrusy tones of mandarin balanced upon a floral accord with peony undertones.  A base of amber contrasts lighter top and middle notes to provide a strong, hidden depth to this fragrance. Lemon A sunny and refreshing citrus fragrance. Starting with a sprinkling of

Candle Making Guide: How to prime raw candle wick

All wicks should be coated in wax before they are used. We offer pre-waxed candle wicks here for customers who prefer the convenience, but we also offer raw candle wick here for customers who enjoy priming their own wicks. Raw wick is unwaxed cotton wick. It is supplied in string-like format and is wound onto a cardboard bobbin. A step-by-step guide to priming your own wicks can be found below: Cut the required length of wick off the cardboard spool which it is supplied on.  Dip the wick into the melted wax and keep the wick in the melted wax until you see air bubbles rise to the surface. This generally takes a few seconds.  When this happens, it means that the wick has absorbed a sufficient amount of wax and the wick can now be removed from the wax. Run your fingers along the wick to remove any extra air bubbles and then lay flat on a hard surface. Once this has dried, we recommend repeating this procedure twice, but please note when doing the 2nd and 3rd layer you only need to dip