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NEW Fragrance Oils!

We have now added five new fragrances to our Escentscia fragrance oil range!   We are offering 20% off the 20ml bottles of these fragrances until 11/03/2019!  Find a list and description of these fragrances below:
Vetiver This fresh, citrus fragrance combines top notes of bergamot, lemon, and lime with middle notes of green moss and mixed spices. This fragrance is set on a complex musky base of vetiver and musk, with earthy tones.
Cracklin Campfire Familiar and distinctive, this warming scent begins with top notes of campfire smoke and golden embers. This fragrance then develops to release musky middle notes of amber, saffron and clove. Cracklin Campfire is set on a woody base of sandalwood and patchouli, giving the fragrance extra depth.
4Bamboo Soft yet intense, this perfume type incorporates top notes of Italian bergamot and orange blossom; this fragrance has middle notes of Casablanca lily and ylang ylang and is set on a base of heady sandalwood, fresh bamboo, and amber accords.
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Escentscia vs Escentscia US Style Fragrance Oil Ranges

All our fragrance oils are formulated in the EU by Escentscia and are all suitable for vegans, not tested on animals, and are paraben and sulphate free. But do you know the difference between our Escentscia and Escentscia US Style Range of fragrance oils?

The first difference between our two ranges is that our Escentscia range tends to be singular fragrances (such as Chocolate and a separate Orange.) Our Escentscia US Style range however tends to be blends of fragrances (such as a combined Chocolate Orange).

Whilst any of our fragrances can be blended together, we have formulated the Escentscia Range as singular fragrances to allow you to blend and create your own unique and bespoke fragrances! In a growing market, this is a great way for you to stand out from your competitors. Whilst blending fragrances may not always be a 50/50 ratio, we do offer free CLP information for all blends created exclusively with our fragrances.

The second difference between our two ranges is that all ou…

Christmas Closure 2018!

We are now closed for the Christmas break! We hope all of our customers have a great Christmas and we will reopen on Wednesday, 2nd January 2019! 🎅🎄

Hot Drink Fragrances: Inspiration

On these dark, cold days our team have been loving the festive menu from our local coffee shop! This has inspired us to put together our own range of festive hot drink fragrances which you could use in your candles and melts. Some of these fragrances can simply be used on their own or as part of a unique blend! We also offer free CLP for all custom blends which are created using our fragrance oils. What bespoke fragrances will you create?
Millionaire Shortbread Hot Chocolate 
To combine the crunch of a shortbread base with a gooey caramel middle and chocolate topping, blend our US Style Chocolate Fudge with our Escentscia Shortbread to create this the ultimate sweet treat! Gingerbread Latte Blending our US Style Gingerbread House with our Escentscia Caffe Latte fragrance  creates a sweet and delicately spicy fragrance which embodies ginger notes that mingle with classic espresso and steamed milk with a finish of whipped cream and ground spices for the perfect festive touch. Mint Hot …

New Fragrance Oil Sizes & Bottles!

As an environmentally conscious company, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our environmental footprint. During Summer 2018, we embarked on a new project in order to tackle our single-waste plastic consumption.

Whilst our previous plastic bottles were already fully recyclable, our new aluminium bottles are more widely recyclable. As we also ship both domestically and internationally across the EU, we know that upgrading to aluminium bottles is going to be much easier for our customers.

The first stage of this project commenced on the 11th December, 2018, with the 50ml sizes being discontinued in our Escentscia Fragrance Oil Range. This size has been replaced with a 20ml size (which is great for testing purposes) and a 75ml size.

Our US Style Fragrance Oil Range also updated to this new format on 17th December, 2018. In the upcoming months, we will also extend this upgrade to our other fragrance oil sizes.

As we dispatch tens of thousands of bottles of fragrance oil eve…

Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale!

We are offering a fabulous 15% off all our fragrances from Black Friday until Cyber Monday! This offer is available on all our fragrance sizes including the 50ml,150ml, and 500ml bottles! Once you have added your fragrance oil to your basket, insert the promotional code 'BLACKFRIDAY' to access your discount! 

Community Candle Project

For the last two weeks, our team have been carrying out two projects in our local area with the local Rainbows and Brownies group! The 39 children loved decorating their own tart burners and making their own scented wax melts and tealights for their family as Christmas presents!

Not only did the children have a great time, they also developed new skills including developing their confidence and abilities whilst also gaining life skills. Watch out for the next generation of candle makers!

Want to know what else we do in our local area? Read about our Charity Work here. 
Tealights: Using our Chandler Grey Blended Wax, Rust Red Inpex Deep Dye, and Wedo TL18 tealight wicks, the Brownies, aged 8-9, made 240 tealights! Each one of the 20 Brownies carefully poured 12 tealights each. Below, you can see some of their wonderful tealights: Wax Tart Melts: Using our Golden Wax 494, and BioGlitter, the Rainbows, aged 5-6, sampled a wide range of our fragrance collection before choosing four fantas…