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Six NEW Fragrance Oils with 50% off the 60ml bottles!

  We've launched 6 new Summer fragrance oils in our Escentscia Style Range! With the long bank holiday weekend fast approaching, now is the perfect time to test new fragrances and we're offering 50% off the 60ml bottles until 06/06/22. You can find the top, middle, and base notes for our new fragrances below: Blackcurrant & Tuberose - Style Range ( Available Here ) Floral yet fruity, tart yet sweet, Blackcurrant & Tuberose is unique and uplifting . Floral top notes of blossoming tuberose and white wing peony open the fragrance which leads into a vibrant core of redcurrants. A base of dominant cassis provides an intense blackcurrant backdrop. Earl Grey & Cucumber - Style Range ( Available Here ) Fresh and quintessentially British, Earl Grey & Cucumber opens with a refreshing cucumber and green accord. An aromatic heart of loose earl grey tea adds power to the fragrance and a base of petitgrain and bergamot completes the scent. Peony & Suede - Style Range ( Av
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NEW Fragrance Oils with 50% off the 60ml bottles!

We've launched 3 new fragrance oils! Bamboo & Cedar and Yuzu have been added to our Escentscia Prime Range and Raspberry & Rose has been added to our Escentscia Style Range. We're offering 50% off the 60ml bottles until 08/05/22. You can find the top, middle, and base notes for our new fragrances below: Bamboo & Cedar - Prime Range ( Available Here ) Bamboo & Cedar is a fresh, green, and masculine fragrance. Top notes of fern and forest greenery blend into an earthy core of untamed bamboo shoots. A base of cedar and birch provide a warm woody element to the fragrance and complete the natural and earthy scent. Yuzu - Prime Range ( Available Here ) Originating in China over 1000 years ago, Yuzu is a citrus fruit which is now commonly grown in Japan. Tart and zingy, the fragrance is a unique hybrid of lemon, lime, and grapefruit, making it perfect for citrus lovers who are looking for something a little different. Rose & Raspberry - Style Range ( Available Here

Lilial Update: 01/03/22

  Lilial Update – 01/03/2022:  As of September 2019, Escentscia began to remove lilial and lyral from our fragrances at our request in advance of reclassification changes. Since this time, our customers who signed up to newsletters have been notified via email whenever a fragrance oil has been tweaked to remove lilial or lyral, or where there have been changes to fragrance oil documentation.  From today, home fragrance products containing more than 0.3% lilial in the finished product cannot be sold to the public. Home fragrance products which contain less than 0.3% lilial in the finished product are not affected and can still be sold.  Very few of our fragrances contained lilial at a high enough percentage to trigger 0.3% in the finished product and those that did were the first fragrances to be tweaked when the reworks began in 2019.  Despite this, we wanted to go further, and we are happy to announce that all of the fragrance oils on the 4Candles website are now completely lilial and

Valentine's Day: Our Top Picks

  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we are here with our romantic top picks. Whether you are looking for fragrance inspiration or looking to celebrate Valentine’s with a creative candle making session, check out the below products to help channel your inner cupid. Fragrance 4Allure – Prime Range Both refined and elegant, 4Allure is a sparkling fragrance which combines fruity notes of mandarin with oriental vanilla notes and floral notes of red rose to create a fragrance which is soft, fresh, and sensual. Amelie Mae – Style Range Amelie Mae entwines sweet top notes of powdered sugar and raspberry with a core bursting with floral fragrance to create a lushious scent which is fun, fruity, and matchless. Finally, Amelie Mae comes to rest on a bed of rose petals. Champers and Roses – Style Range Bubbling with excitement, Champers & Roses begins with top notes of tongue tingling bubbles before settling into an opulent core of champagne. These sparkling notes are accentuated by

September 2021: Candle Fragrance & Colour Trends

A new month is upon us and as we approach the end of Summer, it is an ideal time to begin moving towards light floral and warm woody scents. Colours As the weather begins to cool, darker colours such as plum purple and midnight blue enter their prime. However, it is not too late to enjoy lighter colours and Rust Red, Heather, and Beeswax are ideal for those intermittent warm September spells. You can purchase a wide range of Inpex candle dyes here .  Fragrances Prime Range - Available Here 4Belle Capturing the happiness and luminosity of magnolia essence, 4 Belle is a perfume fragrance and has a delicate accord of pear and blackberry feed into a heart of orange blossom, iris, and jasmine and rest upon a base of rich patchouli undertones. Life is beautiful! Leather Those brand-new shoes, that soft sumptuous bag. Our leather fragrance oil recreates these moments with top notes of leather, middle notes of spicy saffron and musk and animalic base notes of amber and cedarwood to fill your s

Bank Holiday Notice (Mon, 30th August 2021)

This is a friendly notice that we are closed on Monday (30/08/21) for the bank holiday. All orders which are placed over the coming weekend or on Monday will not be processed until we re-open on Tuesday, 31st August. There is still time to place an order and receive it before the weekend. Enjoy the long weekend!

August 2021: Candle Fragrance & Colour Trends

  A new month is upon us and as we roll over into the height of the Summer, it is the perfect time to make the most of fruity and fresh scents.   Colours Traditional sunshine colours such as Green, Blue, White, and Pink are all ideal as we continue to enjoy the Summer, but the shades begin to darken slightly as the summer progresses.  You can purchase a wide range of Inpex candle dyes here .  Fragrances Fragrance trends in August are fresh and natural scents to combat the Summer heat and make you feel cool and refreshed. Here are the top trends for this month:  Prime Range - Available Here 4Fresh Packed with non-stop blue fragrance, this fresh high-street style fragrance 4 Fresh is filled with aquatic character, green notes, and a splash of marine undertones. Similar to the popular scent booster, this fragrance is truly unstoppable! Passion Fruit Sit back and enjoy the tropical scents of Passion Fruit. Beginning with top notes of tropical fruits and middle notes of papaya and guava, th