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UK Shipping Price Drop!

Great News! We have renegotiated our courier contracts. Thanks to you our loyal customers we have been able to use the increase in UK mainland parcels to get a much better rate for those services.

The rates have all dropped for UK mainland orders and there is free shipping if you reach a certain basket total. More information on our new shipping rates are available below:

Economy Service - FREE for orders over £85 (Subtotal)
Economy Service - Up to 8kg = £3.25 +VAT
Economy Service - Up to 28kg = £3.99 +VAT
Economy Service - Up to 56kg = £7.98 +VAT
Economy Service - Up to 84kg = £11.97 +VAT
Economy Service - Up to 112kg = £15.96 +VAT
Economy Service - Every Additional 28kg = £3.99 +VAT
Economy Service - Over 308kg Please contact us

Express Service - Up to 8kg = £4.25 +VAT
Express Service - Up to 28kg = £5.49 +VAT
Express Service - Up to 56kg = £9.98 +VAT
Express Service - Up to 84kg = £14.97 +VAT
Express Service - Up to 112kg = £19.96 +VAT

Carry on Candle Making!


Tracey said…
Been using this company for years. Highly recommend them. #simplythebest

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